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PlanPlus Global Upcoming Events – June 2019

June 2 to 5 - CIFPs Annual Conference 2019 - Vancouver, BC

PlanPlus is a proud sponsor of the CIFPs Annual Conference 2019 to be held at the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, BC., Be sure to attend Shawn Brayman’s presentation From Tolerance to Solution: Latest Research and Practical Examples on Wednesday, June 5th at 11:00am. PlanPlus Global representatives are looking forward to speaking with you at our exhibit booth.

June 4 - PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards Presentation - Vancouver, BC

The PlanPlus Canada Financial Planning Awards presentation will take place on Tuesday, June 4th during the CIFPs Conference in Vancouver, BC. The presentation to the 2019 winner will begin at 7:10 am in the main ballroom of the Westin Bayshore.

June 11 2019 - IPC Advisor Support Professional Conference - Toronto, Ontario

The IPC Advisor Support Professional Conference will take place at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel. This conference provides IPC advisor support professionals with the chance to utilize IPC’s technology partners products and services and to provide direct feedback to advisors on systems and their features. PlanPlus will attend as a technology partner and exhibitor.

PlanPlus Global Media Coverage and Press Releases

Suitability - FinaMetric Profiler

PlanPlus Global Launches “Next-Generation” Risk Assessment Software, SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler

PlanPlus Global today announces the launch of SuitabilityPro™: FinaMetrica Profiler – a new higher standard in assessing and evidencing the suitability of mapping investment products and services to people’s needs. FinaMetrica Profiler has been in development since August 2017, when PlanPlus, renowned for its financial planning software, and FinaMetrica, the world leader in risk tolerance…

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PlanPlus Global Articles and Whitepapers


Sequence Risk – Understanding the Luck Factor

While a distribution portfolio’s exposure to sequence risk changes over time, sequence risk never really goes away unless the withdrawal rate is constrained considerably.A practical method for advisers to meas­ure this exposure to sequence risk is through evaluation of the current proba­bility of failure rate.The fundamental withdrawal rate for­mula is portfolio value ($X) times a withdrawal rate (WR%) to equal the annual distribution amount ($Y).

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Income Replacement Vs. Expense Approach to Insurance-Needs Analysis

Financial advisors commonly use three methodologies to determine client life insurance needs: income replacement, expense analysis, or hybrid models. Expense analysis is generally recognized as the more robust methodology, but requires greater discovery and data to perform. This paper compares these techniques to determine to what extent the simpler approaches identify greater or lesser insurance “needs” and to determine whether the differences are significant.

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Financial Planning Literature Survey

The FPSC Foundation has engaged PlanPlus to carry out an environmental scan of research carried out between 2003 and 2011, from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, in the field of financial planning. Article by Fagan, Brayman will be published in the Journal of Personal Financial Counselling, Summer 2011.

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Introducing the Debt Policy Statement

Although investment challenges like those experienced in 2008 and early 2009 can result in consumers losing substantial amounts of their investment capital for a time, many consumers lost their homes in the same period as a result of questionable lending practices or a failure by consumers to understand and plan their borrowing decisions.

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Defining and Measuring Risk Capacity

New generation models of assessing a client’s profile for investment purposes differentiates among factors like the client’s tolerance for risk which is a psychological trait, the client’s required risk which is a how much risk a client might be required to take to achieve desired goals, and risk capacity which is how much risk the client can afford to take.

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The Illusion that More Conservative Portfolios Address Risk Capacity Issues

The current evolution of “suitability assessment” of investment portfolios has differentiated between risk tolerance, a psychological construct; risk required, a financial construct of the return required to achieve specified goals; and risk capacity, the risk that the investor can afford in the event of a downturn. Application is usually for advisors to recommend more conservative portfolios in the event that the risk capacity of the investor is deemed to be less than the risk tolerance and risk required.

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Developing an Algorithmic Certainty of Outcome Forecast

There is a strong desire in the financial services sector to be able to address the uncertainty of a projection or forecast for a client’s financial plan based on two primary factors – mortality risk and rate of return risk. The primary methodology for handling uncertainty has been and remains Monte Caro Simulations for investment returns and randomization of mortality assumptions based on mortality tables. This paper hypothesizes that it is possible to construct an algorithmic replacement to Monte Carlo Simulations

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A New Multi-Band Approach for Optimizing Taxes based on Order of Depletion of Accounts

The Common Rule (CR) for order of withdrawal of investment accounts prescribes deferring tax as long as possible. Research has shown that it is possible, in some cases, to reduce taxes and maximize terminal wealth by withdrawing tax deferred funds earlier at lower tax rates, rather than realizing this taxable income at later times and at higher marginal tax rates. This approach is often referred to as ‘topping up to band’ (1B).

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PlanPlus Global Blog


Professional Judgement or Just My Opinion?

Advisors must reconcile conflicts between a client’s risk tolerance, risk capacity, risk need, composure, previous experience, time horizon and more in determining an investor profile and resulting personalized investment policy. There is little or no body of knowledge on how these trade-offs occur or what constitutes a “best practice” in applying “Professional Judgment” to ensure…

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Wealth industry unprepared for liability shift in new ‘Seller Beware’ rules

New rules likely to soon pass Australia’s parliament will make financial advisers and product issuers directly liable for ensuring financial products are only sold to suitable customers — shifting responsibility from ‘buyer beware’ to ‘seller beware’. ” Australians haven’t yet recognised the tremendous significance of these new financial suitability laws, which turn conventional wisdom about…

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Risk Profiling & Investment Proposal

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