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Standing out amidst the fervor of new entrants into the red-hot fin-tech industry in 2017, two veteran firms, PlanPlus Inc. and FinaMetrica Pty Ltd., merged into one synergistic enterprise. PlanPlus Global Inc., now offers the broadest and deepest capabilities to serve the worldwide financial advice community through leading-edge planning software and risk tolerance tools.

Paul Resnik and Shawn Brayman


More than twenty years ago, on opposite sides of the world, two men shared a passion— to give financial advisors the best tools available to ensure they were dispensing accurate and meaningful advice to their clients.

In Canada, Shawn Brayman, Founder of PlanPlus Inc., developed the industry’s first comprehensive, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-country financial planning software for individual advisors and financial enterprises. Shawn gained a global reputation for his expertise in the art and science of financial planning and the software has gone on to win numerous international awards.

Some 14,000 km (9,000 miles) away, in Australia, Paul Resnik, Co-Founder of FinaMetrica was helping develop and bring to market the world’s most rigorous investor risk tolerance testing capability. Today, FinaMetrica’s risk profiling software has the authority of more than 1.4 million users, ongoing scientific verification and continuous re-testing to make it the most academically-validated risk tolerance tool in the financial services industry. Like Shawn Brayman at PlanPlus, Paul Resnick at FinaMetrica has earned an international reputation as a subject matter expert in this important area of study.

It was inevitable that after a decade of dialogue and collaboration, they would formally bring their two companies together into one organization, PlanPlus Global, to fully leverage their respective strengths and capabilities and to expand their markets internationally.

As we celebrate the first anniversary of the merger of PlanPlus and FinaMetrica, we are excited to announce we are preparing for the launch of SuitabilityProTM. This new software empowers advisors and financial enterprises to deliver “tested, tried and true” counsel and investment products to their clients through the world’s most defensible suitability technology.

The PlanPlus Global Vision

The PlanPlus Global Vision is to empower financial advisors and firms across the globe to deliver the highest standard of financial advice to their clients through the world’s most rigorous, academically validated and market proven suitability technology.

Risk Profiling & Investment Proposal

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SuitabilityPro™: ProTracker and SuitabilityPro™: ProPlanner will also be available for trial soon.

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