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Suitability - FinaMetric Profiler
  • Psychometric – risk tolerance tests
  • Know Your Client (KYC) assessment
  • Professional Judgement Matrix (PJM) that combines all factors to generate a Suitability Score for each client
  • Dynamic risk capacity analysis
  • Client suitability report
  • Client portal and document vault




SuitabilityPro - ProTracker
  • Morningstar data of funds, ETFs and stocks
  • Compliance approved workflow
  • Preferred portfolios and approved product lists mapped to Suitability Scores
  • Investments, savings, annuities and insurance recommendations
  • Integration to back office systems for continuous updates of onbook positions




SuitabilityPro - ProPlanner

  • Modular goal planning
  • Know Your Client (KYC) assessment
  • Liability and debt management
  • Taxes, pensions, government benefits, account ta wrapper rules for single goal analysis
  • Strategic multiple asset classes with projections using your capital market assumptions

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Risk Profiling & Investment Proposal

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SuitabilityPro Suite

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