We are pleased to offer a series of “How To” videos to provide insight and guidance as you use the features and capabilities of SuitabilityPro™ in your work with clients. These productions are “hands-on” to ensure that “what you see is what you do”.

(1:24) – Meet your Advisor Dashboard – get a real-time view of your clients, along with your portfolio and risk profile distributions across all clients

(2:16) – Confirm the assumptions about future market performance that you want to use in designing client portfolios

(2:36) – The PJM is a powerful tool that enables you to adjust client portfolios to reflect their real-life circumstances

(3:35) – Use our default portfolios or create your own for consistency and efficiency

(5:41) – See how to add clients or update existing client information

(5:46) – Using the Professional Judgment Matrix and your Preferred Solutions, create personalized portfolios for your clients that account for risk, time horizon and objectives

(2:11) – Aligning your client’s risk tolerance with the Suitability Score™ of each of their portfolios is at the foundation of the SuitabilityPro™ platform

(3:14) – Balancing a client’s risk tolerance and return requirements also needs to account for the client’s ability to financially manage negative markets

(2:56) – See how documents can be stored and accessed by you and your clients for efficiency and better communication